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What is a Heavy vs Light Door?

What is a Heavy vs Light Door?

Doors serve several crucial functions around access control, privacy, noise insulation and critically – security. In commercial contexts, heavy security doors specifically provide reinforced protections vital for sensitive facilities.

But what distinguishes heavy doors from regular light doors in structural builds? In simple terms, heavy doors weigh more due to thicker, denser materials like heavy-gauge steel or solid wood. Light doors are thinner and made of lighter materials such as hollow aluminium or thin plastic.

But heavy duty doors involve more than just weight – they also incorporate enhanced protective features:

For individuals and businesses making security the top priority, heavy doors provide maximum brute force protection, while light doors focus more on accessibility or cost savings with basic locking.

Heavy Security Doors

Characteristics like thick steel alloy materials, commercial-grade multi-point locks, reinforced frames certified against attacks delineate heavy doors from regular external options: 


Constructed from thick, dense steel or solid wood cores up to 54mm thick, heavy doors form barriers resistant to brute force.

Multi-Point Locking

Commercial heavy doors feature complex high-security locks with multiple steel deadbolts engaging different points across a door’s length for protection across the plane. This fortifies against leverage attacks.

Reinforced Framing

Heavy duty doors feature reinforced steel frames engineered to be as strong as the door itself. Extra steel struts additionally protect the frame from being pried open.

Resilience Testing/Ratings

Many heavy duty steel doors carry security ratings such as LPS 1175, STS 202 or PAS 24. These certifications validate that the doors can withstand prolonged manual attacks from intruders attempting to break in using tools and brute force.

Typical Applications

Heavy doors secure sensitive facilities like banks, laboratories, utilities infrastructure, logistics warehouses and other commercial properties prioritising protection.

Light External Doors

Light external doors focus on accessibility, appearance and affordability over advanced protective security:


Made from thin aluminium sheets, plastics or hollow wooden panels with foam cores, light doors minimise weight for easy operation. But the trade-off sees greatly reduced strength.


Most light duty doors have only basic key locks, usually just a single cylinder deadbolt latch. They lack heavy duty features like reinforced lock guard plates or angled edging to prevent lock tampering.


Light door frames usually comprise narrow planks or hollow extruded aluminium unable to withstand jacking or leverage attacks.


Light duty doors rarely carry security testing certifications because their constructions lack durability against heavy intruder attacks required for high protection buildings.

Typical Applications

Light doors primarily suit cost-focused low risk settings like apartment buildings, where extreme security becomes less essential. 

Bradbury Group Heavy Duty Steel Doors

Heavy duty security doors provide much greater protection compared to basic light duty doors.  Engineering advanced steel doors for infrastructure and architectural needs, Bradbury Group provides customised, innovative steel door solutions including:


Our M2M+24 is an entry level steel doorset that offers enhanced security performance. It has been tested to ensure it can withstand opportunist burglary attempts and comes with the Secured by Design Police Preferred Specification.

M2M2, M2M3 and M2M4

Our M2M2, M2M3 and M2M4 heavy duty steel security doors are certified not just for basic burglary resistance, but to the more rigorous LPS 1175 SR2 to SR4 standards. These test their ability to withstand attacks from high impact power tools like rams, sledgehammers, and cutting equipment. 

Discuss your project requirements with our advisors to experience firsthand how Bradbury Group’s solutions can cost-effectively enhance safety across your premises.