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Do you provide a maintenance guide for your doors?

Yes. Care, servicing and maintenance can be found in our Operations and Maintenance Manual.

Do you provide double swing doors?

Yes. Our doors can be made to your specific requirements, including double leaf doors.

Are your doors supplied with a sill/threshold?

Yes, our doors can be produced with a sill / threshold if required. As all of our doors are produced to your bespoke requirements, we can ensure the sill/threshold is exactly as you require.

Do your doors have a weather seal?

Yes. All of our doors come with a weather seal on the inside of the door.

Do you offer a final paint finish?

We offer a range of paint finishes including Matt, Gloss, Textured and wood grain effect. Our standard colour range consists of 48 colours. However, if a non-standard colour is required, we can source and paint based on your specific requirements. If you have a bespoke requirement, speak to your sales representative.

Do your doors come with a frame?

Yes, if you require a frame. We can supply only the leaf or provide a surrounding frame, depending on your requirements. Contact the sales team for further information.

How much do your doors weigh?

The weight of our steel doors vary depending on the size and type of door. A standard M2MGO may weigh as little as 40kg. However, an SR4 rated door could weigh in excess of 200kg.

How many keys are supplied with your cylinders?

The number of keys supplied depend on the cylinder type. Typically, a standard door cylinder will be supplied with three keys. However, this can vary depending on the brand and cylinder.

What hardware is supplied with your doors?

This depends on the type of door. Our security rated doors are supplied with Mico hardware. Our M2M+ range of doors can be supplied with a range of hardware, including Exidor, Union and Briton. If you have a specific requirement, please contact us.

Can my flood door also have security certification?

Yes. Our flood doors, fire doors and acoustic doors come with optional certified security protection. As all of our doors are bespoke, we can manufacture your door exactly to your requirements. Find out more about our range of doors on our product finder page or contact us to make an enquiry.

Do you offer standardised steel doors?

No. All of our products are bespoke, ensuring they meet the exact specifications of the project and customer. Find out more about our range of products here.

What are the benefits of steel doors?

There are a range of benefits to choosing a steel door. Firstly, steel doors act as a deterrent during break-ins. They can also be certified as a security door, ensuring effective protection. Steel doors are very strong and durable. They are resistant to harsh weather conditions and insect infestations, as well as being drill proof,

What is your current leadtime for doors?

We are proud to provide bespoke, made to measure doors. This means our lead times vary depending on the type of doorset and factory capacity. Typically our M2M Go range can be delivered in as little as seven days and our M2M 4 doors around 20 working days. We will always do our best to

Will my doors come with a warranty?

All of our doors come with a one year warranty as standard, and a five year warranty on paint. If any maintenance or repairs are required outside of this period, we will be happy to work with you to find a solution. Please contact us to discuss your requirement.