Discover a range of fire-rated doors at the Bradbury Group.  Our secure fire doors and dual-certified are designed to contain fires and provide hours of fire protection. 

Certified Steel Fire Rated Doors

Bradbury Group, the UK’s leading manufacturer of steel doors, provides advanced fire door solutions combining security with unparalleled fire resistance. Our bespoke steel fire rated doors ensure your premises have the best defence against fire hazards.

M2M+24 is an entry-level security steel door which offers enhanced security and fire performance. M2M+24 steel doors are PAS24 certified, having been tested to ensure they can withstand attack from an opportunist burglar.
The M2MFD range is available with a rating of FD30 to FD240, providing up to four hours of fire integrity, as certified by a globally-recognised fire testing and certification company.
With a high level of protection and optional CE fire certification, Bradbury Group’s bespoke M2M4  doorset is the optimum solution where a high level of security protection and/or fire integrity are required.
With a high level of protection and optional CE fire certification, Bradbury Group’s bespoke M2M3 doorset is the optimum solution where a high level of security protection and/or fire integrity are required.
Our M2M2 doorsets are certified by the LPCB to LPS 1175: Issue 7 Security Rating 2 and have achieved CE Certification for external fire, making them a versatile steel door for your project.
M2M+ multi-purpose steel doorsets are suitable for internal or external installation in industrial, commercial, and even domestic buildings.

Safety Meets Durability: The Power of Fire-Rated Doors

Steel fire doors are crucial for safety in commercial and residential buildings. By choosing Bradbury Group’s fire rated steel doors, you’re investing in:

  • Superior fire resistance
  • Enhanced structural integrity
  • Longevity and durability
  • Customisable high security features


Our steel fire exit doors meet and exceed industry standards, ensuring optimal performance in fire scenarios.

Tailored Solutions: Made to Measure Fire Rated Doors

We offer made to measure fire rated doors for both commercial properties and residential use. Our bespoke approach ensures:

  • Perfect fit in any opening
  • Ratings matching building requirements
  • Aesthetic considerations without compromising safety


Our experts create the perfect solution, whether you need single or double fire doors.

Comprehensive Range: From FD30 to FD240

Our range of rated doors includes:

  • FD30 and FD60 doors: Providing 30 and 60 minutes of protection
  • FD120 doors: Delivering 120 minutes of protection
  • Internal and external fire ratings to British Standards


Each door is rigorously tested to meet specified resistance times.

Metal door handle with a keyhole underneath it.

Beyond Protection: Security and Aesthetics Together

Our fire rated doors, including exit doors and personnel doors, offer protection and style. These sturdy metal doors provide:

  • High security features against intrusion
  • Various finishes, including powder coating in RAL colours
  • Optional vision panels and louvres for ventilation

Engineered Excellence: The Anatomy of Our Steel Fire Rated Doors

Our comprehensive range of doorsets, including steel security doors and steel fire doors, feature:

  • Robust door leafs made from high-quality galvanised steel
  • Fire-resistant cores slowing the spread of heat and flames
  • Reinforced hinges withstanding extreme temperatures
  • Intumescent seals expanding when exposed to heat

Compliance and Certification: Meeting Industry Standards

Our steel fire rated doors are:

  • Tested and certified to BS EN 14351-1 and EN 16034:2014 harmonised standards
  • Approved by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) for Security
  • Compliant with building regulations for fire safety
steel door with CE label and brand shield

Versatility in Application: From Emergency Exits to Internal Doors

Our steel fire doors suit various applications, including emergency exit doors, internal fire doors, and high-security areas requiring both fire protection and access control.

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More About Bradbury Group Fire Doors:

What Are Fire Rated Doors?

Fire rated doors, commonly known as fire doors in the UK, are specially constructed to withstand fire for a specified period. They’re made of fire-resistant materials and include intumescent seals that expand when exposed to heat, creating a barrier against smoke and flames. Fire doors are typically rated FD30 or FD60.

Why Are Fire Doors Important?

Fire doors are crucial for fire safety because they:

  • Compartmentalise fires, preventing spread
  • Protect escape routes
  • Slow the spread of smoke and toxic gases
  • Provide more time for emergency response
  • Reduce property damage

Yes, fire doors are a legal requirement in many UK buildings under various regulations:

Requirements depend on building type, use, and layout. Building owners or managers are responsible for compliance.

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