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Do I Need FD30 or FD60 Fire Doors?

Do I Need FD30 or FD60 Fire Doors?

When looking to enhance fire safety through certified doorsets, a common question arises – should you opt for 30 or 60 minute fire doors?

Identifying which rating aligns better with a building’s layout and occupancy best supports effective planning.

Factoring in Fire Risk Profiles

Choosing between FD30 and FD60 certified fire doors for your project fundamentally depends on the specific fire risk profile of the building areas they will separate.

Certain spaces with significant threats like commercial kitchens, plant rooms housing volatile chemicals or electronics warrant isolating with sturdier FD60 barriers. The superior insulating qualities allow extra time for emergency response.

For lower risk residential separation between spaces like offices, standard FD30 doors sufficiently accommodate shorter anticipated burn durations.

Fire Types

Consider likely fire types too. While electrical fires often burn out quite quickly once power is cut, flaming combustion from reservoirs of flammable materials may persist over an hour.

Occupancy and Escape Routes

The number and mobility of occupants in adjoining compartments weighs heavily in fire door selection. More vulnerable groups needing assistance to evacuate essentially rely on the full fire rating being achieved to facilitate escape.

Public gathering areas similarly demand extra leeway considering crowds take longer to coordinate safe exits. This makes FD60 or even longer 120 minute doors better choices for places like theatres and nursing homes.

Door Location and Building Layout

The placement of fire doors in a building also influences which rating (FD30 or FD60) is suitable. Properly locating doors along stairwells and exit corridors can balance safety and cost.

If there are more fire door barriers along primary escape routes, occupant exit times increase since each door delays travel. So greater individual door resistance is needed to counter the overall effect of multiple doors slowing people down during an evacuation along those corridors or stairwells. 

This helps justify the extra cost of longer duration FD60 or higher rated doors in primary hallways.

On the other hand, standard FD30 doors generally provide enough fire delay and protection branching off secondary side-routes,  as these just temporarily contain flames spreading into ancillary rooms not directly in primary escape paths. This allows potential cost savings with FD30s on less critical routes.

Budget Considerations

Project budgets also play a major role in deciding between FD30 or FD60 fire doors. FD60 doors have significantly higher manufacturing specifications and undergo lengthy intensive fire testing to validate their 60-minute rating – double an FD30 rating. This results in FD60 doors costing more than basic FD30 doors.

However, combining higher-rated FD60 doors around key spaces with less expensive FD30 doors containing lower priority rooms cuts overall expenses. This balances costs while still substantially boosting fire safety across the building.

Rather than an all-or-nothing proposition, blending FD60 and FD30 doors based on risk profiles of rooms or traffic levels provides major gains without overspending.

Bradbury Group – Fire Rated Door Experts

Evaluating fire risks, escape trajectories and budgets in context determines ideal fire door ratings for particular building areas. Having a mix of 120 minute to 240 minute doorsets based on these considerations allows tailoring protection to needs without overspending.

Boasting decades of experience protecting properties, Bradbury Group delivers exceptional quality steel fire doors purpose-built to address your priorities. Our FD30, FD60 and even FD240 hour certified options carry globally recognised testing accreditations.

Rely on Bradbury Group’s expertise in fire rated doors to clarify the ideal specifications aligned with your buildings layout, occupancy and applications. Discuss your project with our advisors today!