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A steel door that looks like timber

January 19, 2022

A steel door that looks like timber

An architectural or commercial style building often requires a more traditional aesthetically pleasing door, whilst not compromising on security or fire rating.

Wood-grain effect steel doors have become very popular in recent years, due to their attractive appearance. The style of paint is applied much in the same way as other traditional looking paints using a powder coated finish, and provides the same durability as other steel painted doors.

What’s more this paint effect is also applied to any vision panels, louvres side and over panels, ensuring a quality finish.

Why a steel door?

Unlike wooden doors, steel doors are much more endurant, with no shrinkage, cracking, or warping. Additionally, the wood-grain paint finish does not peel, bubble or delaminate. Wooden doors require considerable maintenance to ensure their life expectancy, such as regular application of a paint or veneer finish. Steel Doors do not require any maintenance and will last more than 15 years in most circumstances.

Security rated doors

Steel wood-grain doors are tested to industry standards, ensuring a LPCB security rating of up to LPS 1175 SR4. Find out more here.

Fire rated doors

Additionally, Bradbury Group’s wood-grain effect steel doors can be certified to the BS EN 16034-1:2014 framework up to 240 minutes. For more information on fire doors, visit our product page.

Attractive steel doors

Due to the finish created with wood-grain paint, these steel doors provide a discretely secure internal or external doorset, making them ideal for architectural builds, offices, schools and apartment blocks.

To find out more about wood-grain effect doors or their applications, contact us.