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Alan Mews; Celebrating 25 Years Milestone

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Alan Mews; Celebrating 25 years at Bradbury Group

Congratulations to Alan Mews who celebrated reaching 25 years’ of service at Bradbury Group earlier this month!

Alan joined the company on 1st June 1998 as an operative on the paint line. Over the years, Alan has worked a number of roles within production and in doing so, expanded his knowledge of the product and processes significantly. Currently, Alan acts as a coordinator between the Fabrication and Paint Line teams to ensure a smooth and streamlined operation.

Alan joined the business when it was just 7 years old and operating out of the 5,000 sq. ft premises on the other side of Scunthorpe. He has grown and developed shoulder-to-shoulder with the business over the last two and a half decades.

The Bradbury team all clapping Alan Mews.

Team Spirit

Alan’s remarkable 25-year Bradbury anniversary is a testament to his unwavering commitment. A beloved figure within the company, Alan has not only shared countless laughs with his colleagues but has also been a driving force behind uplifting team morale and he boasts an impressive track record of achievements.

Bradbury Group Owner and Non-Executive Director, Tim Strawson expressed, “Alan is a great character and I am extremely grateful for all the hard work and loyalty he has given to this company. Over the years, he has contributed towards creating a positive and vibrant work environment and has displayed true dedication to his work. He is a real team player and an invaluable addition to both his colleagues and the company as a whole”.

In reaching this incredible milestone, Alan joins an exclusive group of Bradbury employees that have too reached 25 years’ of service. More information about this can be found here.

We would like to thank Alan, for all that he has done and continues to do.

About the Group

Established in 1991, Bradbury Group originated as a local company known as Bradbury Security Grilles, and its primary focus was on crafting window grilles. Over the years, Bradbury Security Grilles flourished and joined forces with various like-minded independent companies, prompting a rebranding to Bradbury Group. To this date, the Group has emerged as a prominent manufacturer and supplier of cutting-edge physical security solutions in the United Kingdom.