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Two Bradbury Group employees progressing to degree apprenticeship

July 26, 2023

Two Bradbury Group employees progressing to degree apprenticeship

Bradbury Group is thrilled to share exciting news about the extraordinary accomplishments of two internal engineering apprentices. William Raithby and Bailey Lister have achieved outstanding results in their end point assessments and this September 2023, they will commence their degree apprenticeships in Product Design and Development Engineering at prestigious Sheffield Hallam University.

End Point Assessments with Flying Colours

Recently, William and Bailey demonstrated their exceptional skills during their EPAs, achieving impressive results —William with a Distinction and Bailey with a Merit. Their exceptional performance reflects their dedication and hard work, earning them well-deserved recognition from the wider Bradbury team.

Guided by Mentorship

May Foxton, the esteemed Learning and Development Facilitator at Bradbury Group, played a crucial role in supporting both William and Bailey throughout their Level 3 course. Her guidance and mentorship have been instrumental in their growth, motivating them to reach their goals.

May said: “The entire team at Bradbury Group is proud of their achievements and eagerly looks forward to supporting them during their degree apprenticeship come September.”

A Unique Blend of Education and Employment

Both William and Bailey will attend on-campus classes one day a week in Sheffield while actively contributing to Bradbury Group’s engineering department, striking a perfect balance between academic and professional pursuits.

Commitment to Employee Growth

Mo Abdelaziz, R&D Manager at Bradbury Group, expressed his excitement at retaining these exceptional talents within the engineering team. “As the company expands, William and Bailey’s expertise will undoubtedly be invaluable,” he said. “The entire Engineering department is dedicated to supporting them during this new chapter in their personal and professional development.”

Bradbury Group extends its heartfelt congratulations to William and Bailey on their outstanding achievements. Their success is a testament to their unwavering commitment and remarkable talent.



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