Bradbury Group Launches 1.6 U-Value Door

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Bradbury Group is pleased to announce that its M2M+ doorset is now available with a certified U-Value of 1.6 W/m2K.

As a market leader in steel doors and fire doors, the group is proud to announce the launch of a 1.6 U-Value Door, meeting industry demands for energy efficiency in residential and commercial buildings.

With a focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility, Bradbury Group has developed this door to support its customers in the reduction of a building’s energy consumption and thermal efficiency, resulting in an overall decrease in a project’s carbon footprint. Achieving 1.6 W/m2K not only aligns with these goals, but also ensures compliance to Building Regulations document L, which advises 1.6 U-Value tested to BS EN ISO 12567-1, for new and existing buildings.

Extension to existing range

This latest update is an extension to the existing range for M2M+, which is already available with acoustic ratings. The versatility of the M2M+ ensures that Bradbury Group can service all of a customer’s project needs, without the need to dual source.

“This is an important  step in our product sustainability journey” says Andy Edser, Group Technical Director. “We are focused on achieving a certified U-Value across our entire range of products, and ensuring our customers can meet the entire needs of their clients, with the next step being our fire rated doors.”

Product specification

Bradbury Group’s U-Value door is available as a single or double doorset, manufactured with DDA or stainless-steel thresholds and with any of the group’s standard M2M+ hardware. Further information on product specification is available at

Future plans for Bradbury Group

It is an exciting year for Bradbury Group. With a focus on New Product Development, excelling at customer service, developing its sustainability offering and achieving strategic growth, the group is on an ambitious journey.

Tom Cornell, Group CEO comments “Our primary focus this year is on enhancing our current product line to align with both present and future customer demands, striving for market-leading sustainability in steel doors. We remain committed to delivering exceptional customer service, catering to the requirements of our customers and markets, and pioneering innovative and sustainable product solutions.”