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Bradbury Group obtains British Safety Council International Award

May 7, 2024

Bradbury Group obtains British Safety Council International Award

We are proud to announce that we been awarded a pass for their International Award by the British Safety Council.

The International Safety Awards has a key role to play in helping to drive continuous improvement in the management of workplace health, safety and wellbeing. This demonstrates and rewards our commitment and progress in health, safety, and wellbeing throughout 2023.

For this article, we interviewed Bradbury Group’s Health, Safety and Environmental Manager, Alistair Herron, who explains how we achieved the award, along with our continuous improvement plans following this accomplishment.

How does achieving this award reflect our company’s commitment to health and safety?

“Achieving the international security Award for health and safety underscores our company’s dedication to prioritising the wellbeing and safety of our employees. It demonstrates our unwavering commitment to maintaining high standards of health and safety practices in the workplace.”

Can you describe the process our company went through to attain this award?

“Certainly! To attain this prestigious award, our company embarked on a collaborative process to showcase our commitment to health and safety practices by satisfying an independent auditor, answering questions, and providing evidence.”

How does winning this award benefit our employees and the workplace environment?

“Winning this award shows our strong safety culture, reassuring employees of our commitment to their wellbeing. It boosts morale, motivating staff to actively engage in safety initiatives. A safer workplace leads to increased productivity and efficiency. Overall, this achievement creates a safer, more positive work environment and our commitment to further improve.”

How does Bradbury Group plan to maintain and improve upon our health and safety standards?

“Following this achievement, we will develop a comprehensive plan based on the insights and recommendations gathered during the audit process. This plan will address any identified areas for improvement and implement measures to strengthen our existing protocols”.

How does winning the British Safety Council International Award contribute to our overall sustainability efforts?

Winning the British Safety Council International Award strengthens our reputation and underscores our dedication to safety and sustainability. This achievement resonates with our recent recognition for our continuous CSR efforts and support we extended to our employees. By prioritising safety, we safeguard our employees and operations, in alignment with ESG principles. Such dedication not only attracts talent but also enhances our overall sustainability efforts by fostering a long-term secure work environment and contributing to community well-being.

Finally, what does winning this award mean to you personally, as the health and safety manager of our company?

“Winning this award means a lot to me personally. It shows that we’re making real progress in creating a safe workplace for everyone. It’s recognition that our efforts to prioritise the wellbeing of our team are paying off, and it motivates me to keep pushing for excellence in health and safety standards.”

Well done to all involved!







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