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Bradbury Group secures CE Mark

November 25, 2020

Bradbury Group secures CE Mark

Understanding the CE Mark and What It Means for Our Customers

From 1st November 2019, new regulations were introduced regarding CE certification for fire rated external doorsets. Our M2M+ steel security doorsets have achieved a CE marking for inward and outward variants up to FD240 accreditation. But what does this mean for Bradbury Group and its customers?

What is the CE Mark?

The CE Mark is a legally required certification mark used widely throughout Europe that indicates conformity to EEA health, safety and environmental standards.

Why was it introduced?

CE Marking was introduced and made compulsory to assure the customer that the doorset is safe, fit for purpose, and meets expected performance requirements. It provides the customer with confidence that the product they are purchasing complies with EU and EEA legislation, so it is important to check that your doorset is CE marked. To verify this, simply look out for the CE symbol on the product itself or on the packaging or information it is supplied with.

What makes an external doorset CE certified?

A CE marked external doorset must come from a single source, be supplied as a complete package under the responsibility of the single source, and be either fully assembled or ready for assembly with the use of simple tools.

All external fire rated doors must now be CE Marked to EN 16034 and BS EN 14351-1, both of which our M2M+ steel doors have successfully achieved. We are a proud DHF member, giving you complete peace of mind that our M2M+ doorsets have been checked against health, safety and environmental regulations.

For enquiries about our CE marked doorsets or any physical security solutions Bradbury Group manufactures, please call +44 (0)1724 271999 or email


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