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Celebrating Long Service Achievements at Bradbury Group

November 24, 2023

Celebrating Long Service Achievements at Bradbury Group

At Bradbury Group, we’re taking a moment to celebrate something truly remarkable; the dedication and loyalty of our employees. Last week we recognised our long service employees at our people celebration event, thanking them for their long-term commitment and presenting them with a dedicated parking space and vouchers.

Decade of Dedication: Honouring Our long service Achievers

Jack Lawson joined Bradbury Group in 2012, working in our Factory. Jack moved to the Purchasing Department in 2013 and this year, Jack has been recognised and promoted to Senior Purchasing Assistant.

Kev Atkin embarked on his journey as a fabrication operative in the factory, specialising in welding. Today, Kev leads the welders in our machine shop.

Aaron Waddington started as an installer, gradually progressing to Installation Supervisor and, in 2017, elevated to Project Manager. In 2020, Aaron developed into the role of Site Manger.

Romina Devita McMahon, our Sales Account Manager, began as an apprentice in internal sales. Her ascent through the ranks has led her to manage the internal sales team and today managing our OEM business.

By acknowledging exceptional contributions, we recognise those who have consistently gone above and beyond in their roles.

Congratulations on achieving these significant service milestones! We are delighted to have you as integral members of our work family and look forward to many more years of prosperity together.




Jack Lawson and Kev Atkin receiving their parking plaques.


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