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ClassicAL; the environmental choice?

September 14, 2023

ClassicAL; the environmental choice?

Recently, Bradbury Group announced the environmental credentials of its ClassicAL doorsets as a communal entrance door constructed from a minimum of 75% recycled aluminium. But what does this actually mean? In this article, we provide the facts of ClassicAL doors and their environmental credentials.

Made from Recycled Aluminium

Bradbury Group prides itself on sourcing Aluminium for its ClassicAL range from suppliers producing from recycled sources.

Our supplier, Hydro possesses both an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and an Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) certification. An Environmental Product Declaration is a standardised document that provides comprehensive and transparent information about the environmental performance of a product. An Aluminium Stewardship Initiative is internationally recognised and dedicated to promoting sustainable practices within the aluminium industry, guaranteeing that aluminium is sourced and processed in an ethical and environmental manner. This signifies their capability to accurately trace the footprint of their production process, from beginning to completion.

The Group’s ClassicAL profiles are produced using Aluminium manufactured from a minimum of 78% consumer scrap. This scrap comes from a variety of sources, with 13% from post-consumer scrap from across the UK, whether that be a window frame or a truck body. The remaining 65% comes from pre-consumer scrap, extruded from virgin aluminium production as a result of waste and inspection.

What’s more, ClassicAL Thresholds are sourced from a manufacturer producing from a minimum of 60% scrap aluminium alloy, and produced utilising low carbon technology, minimising waste, and providing environmental protection measures.

Reduced energy consumption

One of the major advantages of utilising aluminium scrap is that the energy needed to produce aluminium billet is much less, resulting in just 5% of that used to produce virgin material. This results in a much more environmentally friendly aluminium material.


Effective operations

ClassicAL Doorsets are produced using modern technology and seamless operations. Door components are machined in-house using state-of-the-art technology, minimising cutting waste and ensuring accurate precision. Additionally, the doorsets are manufactured on an optimised production line, saving time and energy, and enhancing efficiency.

The environmental paint choice

ClassicAL doorsets use powder coating, a dry finishing process where coating is applied as a free-flowing powder.

The nature of powder coating alone makes it a more sustainable alternative. There are no solvents required, which means no VOC’s are emitted into the atmosphere. The process also results in a more cost-effective alternative to traditional paints and comes in almost any colour. Moreover, because powder coatings contain no heavy metals, require less packaging, and any resulting over-spray is recycled, the resulting paint finish helps to eliminate wastage and protect the environment.

Durability of Aluminium Doors

Finally, aluminium doorsets are renowned for their longevity. Doors can sustain all elements, are great in areas where security is paramount, and don’t warp, rust or delaminate, meaning they are a long-term sustainable alternative to wooden doors.

ClassicAL doorsets also come with independent security certification to LPS 2081 Security Rating B, meaning they can withstand significant stealth attacks.

Want to learn more? Check out our ClassicAL door range here or contact us.



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