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Placing more emphasis on Commercial and Marketing

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With an increased focus on the commercial and marketing aspects of the business, Bradbury Group is pleased to announce that Jocelyn McNeil and Adele Redhead will be joining the Senior Leadership Team from the 1st April 2023.

Their appointments will encourage fresh ideas and thoughts at board level, as well as helping to lead the business towards the group’s ambitious growth plan.

“Adele and Jocelyn joining the senior team is a great step forward for the group” states Tom Cornell, CEO for Bradbury Group. “We need to ensure a greater diversity and balance of leaders within the business and the industry as a whole. Jocelyn and Adele are testament to the strength of our female leaders and will bring a fresh mindset to the business. I am pleased to welcome them to the senior team.”

A focus on customers

Jocelyn McNeil will take on the role of Director of Commercial and will spend more time focusing on the business’ profitability and commercial activities, as well as taking on a more prominent role with the group’s key customers.

“I am excited to be joining the team and working more closely with our customers” says Jocelyn. “We have an ambitious plan in 2023, and placing more of an emphasis on profitability and commercial activities is vital to success.”

Focussing on the digital aspects of marketing

Adele Redhead is taking on the position of Director of Marketing, and her role will have a particular emphasis in the coming months on evaluating the current strategic marketing direction, and building on existing digital marketing efforts, as well as leading product launches and events planned for the year.

“I am excited for what 2023 will bring for the group” stated Adele. “We have a major new launch planned in the fall and we are working intensely on improving our CPD and events offering for this year and beyond.”

Congratulations to them both!