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Employee Spotlight – Adam Proudlove

December 20, 2022

Employee Spotlight – Adam Proudlove

Every month we like to shine a spotlight on a different Bradbury Group Team Member. During the festive season we’re chatting to Adam Proudlove, Business Analyst and this month’s feature for employee spotlight.

What does your day-to-day look like?

“On my average day at work, I assist with market research for various departments including sourcing prospects for our BDM’s. I then move on to using Supplier Portals to seek further tenders and quotes, which will help me attain more tender opportunities. While I do this, I will complete PQQ’s to join/maintain access to customers’ supply chains. In my free time, I am Marketing Team’s contributor for ideas (still waiting for the Bradbury Beaver to arrive!)”

How long have you been with Bradbury Group?

“Roughly 18 months.”

Does your family have any unique or bizarre traditions?

“I do a Christmas Film Advent Calendar every year… Die Hard 1st as it is the greatest Christmas film ever.”

“Usually, we go bowling on Christmas Eve with Ugly Jumpers, Bad secret Santa gifts, eat pizza and watch Elf!”

Whom would you invite to a Christmas dinner? (Table of 10 & Menu)

“Gordon Ramsey to cook it. Tiger Woods, John Terry, Danny DeVito, Bob Mortimer, Bill Murray, Dave Grohl, John Cleese & Ian Poulter as the other guests.”

“Starter – Baked Camembert”

“Main – Traditional Turkey dinner. No mash or Yorkshire puddings! A lot of pigs in blankets”

“Dessert – Crème Brulé”

“Drinks – Beer (preferably Affligem as it’s a special occasion), with a nice bottle of Port to finish.”

What is your holiday guilty pleasure?

“My extensive range of Christmas Clothing… roughly consists of 14 jumpers, 3 shirts, 4 t-shirts, a blazer, and several ties & socks!”

What do you leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve?

“A can of Stella, a mince pie, and a carrot for the reindeer!”

What is your favourite holiday Joke?

Chad Kroeger from Nickelback loves appearing in nativity plays. He’s been a shepherd, an inn keeper, and he’s even played the back end of a donkey…

…but he’s never made it as a wise man.


If you would like to get to know our employees better, read our article here where we meet Shaun!


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