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Employee Spotlight – Georgia Burton

March 30, 2023

Employee Spotlight – Georgia Burton

Every month we like to shine a spotlight on a different Bradbury Group team member. This month, we’re chatting with Georgia Burton, Internal Specifier.


What does your day-to-day look like?

“As soon as I get to work, I make myself a green tea. I’ll have a brief run through my emails whilst eating some granola with yoghurt and fruit. I try to split my day, so in the morning I will do quotes and help the team with some more quotes if it’s a busy day which it always is.”

“When it hits half 10, I do a walk around the building so I can get away from my screen, I try to do this twice a day when I have time. Sometimes I bring lunch, sometimes I eat from the canteen it depends on what I’m feeling that day.”

“In the afternoon I will sort things CPD related, every week or so I do a live CPD webinar and if I’m not on a webinar, I am contacting architects to get them interested in joining our future CPD events. Many architects prefer face-to-face CPD’s which I also book and plan with our business development managers if it’s in their area.”

How long have you been with Bradbury Group?

“9 months”

How did you get into CPD presenting?

“When I came for my job interview, we discussed the CPD as becoming a part of my role. I was confident in presenting and thought it would be great for us to be educating architects and buyers on what we do so I said yes, and it’s grown ever since and I love doing it.”

What’s the most exciting thing you are working on right now?

“I have a meeting planned in May for some Designing Out Crime Officers who work with both the police and SBD to provide specialist security advice and guidance. They will be holding their regional meeting here at Bradbury’s, followed by a live in-person CPD by myself and a factory tour by Andy Edser. This is a great opportunity to make ourselves known when DOCO’s are recommending products to architects in big projects.”

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

“I’m running my first ever 10k race in 5 weeks!”

What your favourite motto/quote

‘Everyone makes mistakes, everyone has those days’  Hannah Montana is my favourite show of all time.”


If you would like to get to know more of our employees better, read last month’s article here where we met Tom!


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