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In this article, we hear from Business Development Manager Sophie James, working with the Liddle brand of Bradbury Group.

Sophie joined Bradbury Group in September 2020 and is responsible for the sales of Liddle products into a number of sectors, including utilities and nuclear.

What does your day-to-day look like at Bradbury Group?

“My day always starts by reading emails and establishing immediate tasks. I then check my schedule and make sure it still fits with my priorities and urgent tasks.”

“When I am in the office, I like to call customers, both new and existing. I especially focus on touching base with those we’ve quoted, to understand the status of the enquiry and make sure they have all the information they need. Knowing if and when a job is due to become live helps all elements of the business to plan and run efficiently.”

“I will also do what some people think of as the ‘dreaded cold call’! This increases the opportunity for us to quote on new and upcoming schemes. I actually enjoy this element of the job, as I learn a lot about the various sectors we work in; it becomes valuable working knowledge. I have won a lot of business from cold calling, so it does still work.”

Run us through your typical day outside the office

“Meetings with customers take place in many diverse settings; from offices, the top of buildings and live building sites, to grade I listed beautiful water pumping stations! It’s important to fit in with the needs of the customer and meet at the location most convenient for them. In between the meetings, I like to liaise with HQ and the Liddle admin team. This is to ensure existing schemes are running smoothly, quotes are progressing within their timescales and generally provide support if and where needed.”

What do you like the most about your role?

“The variety the job offers means no two days are the same. This makes each day different and presents its own challenges. Our customers are great and a genuine pleasure to work with.”

What do you like about Bradbury?

“The people who work here make the business. It is a lovely environment to be a part of and gets the best out of the team. I also love the fact Bradbury make their products. I’m interested in engineering, and I love seeing something that I’ve sold being physically made and then used in a real-life setting.”

The best advice you heard

“The best advice I ever received was from my Great Auntie Marion in my 18th  birthday card – Love all, trust few but above all, always paddle your own canoe. It’s stuck with me ever since and it’s a good mantra to live by”

A few fun facts about you!

  • I have a Law Degree
  • I worked at Hull City for 15 years – I worked in every division of English football, managing the matchday operations of the player’s areas and tunnel
  • My Godmother is the Great British Bake Off Winner, Nancy Birtwistle

Mary Berry (left), Paul Hollywood and winner Nancy Birtwhistle.