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Everything You Need to Know About Our Steel Fire Doors

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Whether you’re a site manager, architect or building control officer, if you hold responsibility over a building you’ll likely already be very aware of the importance of certified and correctly installed fire doors.

Specifying the correct fire doors for your building or business can be a matter of life or death, and it’s vital that you know which fire door is best suited for your application. If you’re looking for helpful advice on this, please refer to our Fire Door Buying Guide and our handy article on specifying steel fire doors.

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of physical security solutions, we offer a range of steel fire doors. Our M2MFD range is available with a fire rating of FD30 to FD240, providing from 30 minutes up to 4 hours of fire and smoke integrity, and the following steel doors are available with these ratings:

  • M2M+
  • M2M2
  • M2M3
  • M2M4

Whilst our CE Marked M2M+FD is perfect for internal installation, the latter options are LPCB certified to provide an effective solution for both fire and security requirements. These security rated doors are ideal for external installation, where defence is paramount. (Please note we currently only hold CE mark for our M2M+ external doorsets).

All doors in our M2MFD range are Certifire accredited, a signifier that they have undergone rigorous testing to earn their fire rating. They are also available with a wide range of louvres, vision panels and locking options, as well as a choice of RAL colours and finishes for customisation.

To enquire about our fire door range and discuss the best solution for your requirements, call us on 01724 271999 or email