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Fire Door Safety Week 2020

September 22, 2020

Fire Door Safety Week 2020

Fire Door Safety Week 2020

Fire Door Safety Week was launched back in 2013 to help combat fire door neglect by increasing awareness of the critical role that fire doors play in protecting not only properties, but lives. This year’s campaign takes place from 21st to 27th September, and throughout the week companies will be coming together to highlight good fire safety practice in our industry.

As part of our role as the nation’s leading provider of steel security doors, we offer a range of steel fire doors to suit various buildings and consumer needs. This includes our M2MFD range, available with a fire rating of FD30 (providing 30 minutes of fire integrity) to FD240 (providing 240 minutes of fire integrity). These doorsets are rated in compliance with Certifire, an internationally recognised third-party certification.

Fire accreditations are hugely important and can be lifesaving, but fire door safety doesn’t stop there. It is crucial that fire doors are correctly maintained and checked regularly, whether they are installed in public buildings or social housing.

As a guide, to check your fire door you should do the following 5 steps:

1. Certification
Look for a label or plug on the top or side of the door to show the door is fire rated. If you can’t see a certification marking, report it to whoever is in charge of your building.
2. Apertures
If your door has been altered for glazed apertures and air transfer grilles, the fire certification is void.
3. Gaps & Seals
The gaps around the top and sides of the door should be consistently less than 4mm when closed – you can use a £1 coin to give a feel for scale. If the gaps are too big, this could allow smoke and fire to travel through. Check for intact seals around the top and sides of the door.
4. Closers
Check that the closer shuts the door onto the latch properly and from any position.
5. Operation
A fire door only works when closed, ensure your door closes firmly onto the latch around all parts of the frame.

If you suspect the fire door is faulty, report it to whoever owns or manages the building.

For more information, please visit the Fire Door Safety Week website or take a look at our Fire Door Buying Guide.


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