Kayleigh Johnson: Celebrating 20 Years Milestone

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Congratulations to Kayleigh Johnson on her 20-year anniversary at Bradbury Group!

As we commemorate Kayleigh’s remarkable milestone, we acknowledge and celebrate her diverse career journey, progression, and significant contributions to the group over the past two decades.

Kayleigh’s Career Journey

Kayleigh began her career back in 2003, working in the production department at our Dunlop Way Facility. She quickly demonstrated her dedication and understanding of our operational intricacies.

Her career path took an influential turn when she transitioned to the sales department, emerging as a key contact for numerous customers, who still seek her technical expertise today. Kayleigh’s ability to bridge gaps and foster cohesion between internal departments has quickly earned her a reputation as a central figure in our organisational dynamics.

In 2019, Kayleigh transitioned to the role of a production planner, where her deep product knowledge has helped to optimise the production process. Her impact was immediate and undeniable.


Over the past few years, Kayleigh’s professional journey has continued to evolve, culminating in her current role as Assistant Production Manager. Her loyalty and hardworking ethos has set a standard for excellence within the production team, and her collaborative spirit is a driving force behind our success.

Dom Jankevicius, Bradbury Group Production Manager expressed “I am grateful for the privilege of working alongside someone of Kayleigh’s calibre. Her 20-year milestone is a testament to her unwavering commitment, adaptability, and positive influence on the fabric of Bradbury Group. Here’s to Kayleigh’s continued success and the valuable contributions she will undoubtedly make in the years to come”.


We would like to thank Kayleigh for her dedication, and we wish her many more happy years at Bradbury!