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Expanding our product range to infinity and beyond

April 1, 2023

Expanding our product range to infinity and beyond

Bradbury Group is proud to introduce its latest product development which is predicted to launch sales to infinity and beyond. Introducing M2MSP – the first security doorset on Mars.

For years, leading scientists and influential figures have been suggesting that eventually, human life will have to relocate to another planet to survive and the colonization of Mars has been estimated to happen before the year 2040.

To prepare the planet for human habitation in generations to come, architects and manufacturers have been facing a huge task in creating the first Martian structures.

Shooting for the stars

A team of researchers in the United States of America have successfully developed a unique type of concrete that is said to be the material being used to construct buildings on the red planet. And with construction now officially underway on the “first office on Mars”, we’re thrilled that we can now share the news with you that Bradbury Group is the sole supplier of security doors for the exciting project and our doors are currently being held in a secret location, ready for lift off!

About the range

Manufactured at our state-of-the-art facility in North Lincolnshire, the new M2MSP range has been specifically developed to withstand the harsh conditions infamously presented by the red planet. With temperatures ranging from -140°C in the planet’s winter to 21°C in the summer, minimal gravity and extremely low atmospheric pressure, creating a functional solution took many years and inevitably, many prototypes failed.

The M2MSP range provides all of the certification options our popular M2M4 range does; LPCB Certified to LPS 1175: Issue 7 Security Rating 4 (certificate number 312e) and a FD240 fire rating, under the CERTIFIRE scheme. The doors underwent the SR4 attack test with tools including include a disc grinder, felling axe, hole saw, jigsaw, sledgehammer, and plate shears.

In addition, the air-tight Zintec doorsets have been subjected to a unique range of further tests, specifically developed for this project, which simulated the harsh elements found on Mars.

The new range is available in Bradbury Group’s standard range of colours and with the choice of two new finish options which work as an environmental shield – ‘sand’ and ‘sky’.

Made from a special combination of fiberglass, tungsten, ceramic, Martian soil and zinc, the ‘sand’ finish will be the range standard as it was important to the group that the doors have the ability to blend in with the environment, when required. Whereas the ‘sky’ finish provides all of the functionality but with a shiny, sleek and modern aesthetic.

That’s all of the information we can share right now, but we hope you are as buzzed as we are!

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