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Meet Mateus, Bradbury’s IT Apprentice

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Bradbury Group believes in the importance of developing future generations, by providing opportunities for apprentices to kick-start their careers.

Last month, Mateus Carvalho joined us as IT Apprentice. Before joining Bradbury Group, Mateus had taken a gap year from a university where he studied Games Development. During his gap year, Mateus worked for the distributor Amazon, before deciding on a career with Bradbury Group in the IT sector.


Supporting the IT Department

During his first month at Bradbury, Mateus has helped with the organisation of IT equipment, checking if all the equipment is up-to-date.  Alongside his team, Mateus ensures the computer systems within the business function as they should, and this can involve anything from fixing computer hardware to fixing the business’s network.

“My most challenging moment so far has been mapping out network cables across all departments, and seeing which individual is using which data port,” said Mateus.

Ready for the Challenge

When we asked Mateus what he is looking forward to learning in his new role, he replied “With IT Systems evolving every single day, there will always be opportunities to learn from mentoring or individual research. I look forward to learning how the company will adapt to these ever-growing changes and how some systems that are already implemented into the company work”

In the next few weeks, as part of his training, Mateus will be rotating between different departments to alleviate any IT-related issues experienced whilst gaining valuable knowledge of how each team operates as part of the business.

We are excited to have you onboard and wish you all the best in your new role!

Welcome to the Family Mateus!


Why choose an Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships enable individuals to learn and gain valuable experiences and skills whilst in a full-time job. At Bradbury Group, we believe that young people are integral to the company’s future and regularly recruit for a range of graduate positions, internships, and apprenticeships. Find out more about our Early Careers programme here.