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Meet our ‘Bradbury Buddies’

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Bradbury Group is delighted to introduce a new ‘buddy’ scheme that will see new starters paired up with a mentor upon joining the Group.

Acting as confidants, our newly established team is currently made up of 18 volunteers who will be paired up with recently joined team members.

Launched through the Bradbury Academy, the challenge is to significantly improve the onboarding process and ensure every new team member has somebody to talk to, ask questions, and generally rely on from the moment they join the Group.

“When you take it back to basics, the Bradbury Buddy scheme will simply encourage initial work friendships and create a positive long-term outcome for individuals,” says May Foxton, Learning and Development Facilitator.

“We regularly onboard apprentices and recently welcomed our first T Levels student, all of which receive the same induction process as our current staff. Entering a new work setting can be daunting for most people but it’s often particularly nerve-wracking for younger people walking into their first job. That’s where the buddy scheme will be especially useful.”

As well as providing on the job guidance and advice, the buddies will offer informal chats, support and even a friendly face to sit and eat lunch with.

So without further ado, say hello to our Bradbury Buddies!