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Moving On Up

January 28, 2019

Moving On Up

We are pleased to announce Bradbury Group’s relocation to an impressive 135,000 square foot production facility. Staying within the industrial garden town of Scunthorpe, we have moved from Queensway Industrial Estate to the larger and busier Foxhills Industrial Estate.

Queensway Industrial Estate facilitated our fast-growing business for more than 17 years; moving into several units on the estate as the company grew. However, by 2016, the company was spread across seven units, which was impractical and inefficient.

With Bradbury Group continuing to expand, we desperately needed a larger facility to bring together all departments across the business under one roof, and to allow us to keep up with increasing demand.

Two years in the making, the investment in our new facility totals almost £8 million. This includes a full renovation of the building, new office furniture, state-of-the-art production machinery, a canteen with a cashless system, and an onsite gym for employees.

The facility has enabled us to streamline our production processes, and with our new machinery, including a multimillion-pound Salvagnini punch form line and bespoke Amber paint line, the time it takes to manufacture a door has significantly decreased.

We believe that our modern and vibrant new headquarters on Foxhills Industrial Estate exudes the Bradbury Group brand, and perfectly portrays us as the market leaders of our industry, which we’ve progressed to.

In 2017, we produced 17,000 steel doors which have been installed around the world, which is impressive in itself. However, with our increase in scale and capability, we are now able to produce 100 doors in one day – so expect even better results in 2019.

With the ability to manufacture such a large amount of doorsets comes the requirement for vast storage space. At our new site, we have a warehouse which can store up to 4,000 finished units, which is 10 times more than at the previous facility.

Over the past 27 years, Bradbury Group has grown from a small team of four, to a major regional business encompassing circa 220 employees, with more than 180 of those based at the Group’s headquarters in Scunthorpe.

Proud to employ an almost entirely regional workforce, we are keen to establish ourselves as a notable employer in the area. We have already expanded our workforce since our relocation, and aim to create more new jobs as the company continues to expand.

The new site will also help to expedite the development of our export department, which has already secured a strong presence in the Middle East, and will aid us in achieving our vision of becoming a world-class manufacturer of steel doors.

Our relocation, although a major stepping stone on its own, is just one part of a wider strategy to aid the Group’s expansion and development. This year, we have also launched a new website, our company film, and a series of interviews with employees.

We are also in the process of implementing a series of in-house software systems, and will soon be releasing the Partners Portal, an online configuration, quote and order tool, to further streamline our business processes and improve customer experience.

This move is the beginning of a remarkable era for the company, its employees, and existing and prospective customers, alike. You can expect the best industry knowledge, the best security solutions, and the best service.