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As the one-year anniversary approaches, we look back at Newton Security Doors movement of production to Bradbury Group’s Head Office in Lincolnshire.

Newton’s history

Newton Doors has over 30 years’ experience in delivering communal entrance solutions to the social housing and public building sectors from their base in Irvine, Scotland. In 2011, Newton was acquired by Bradbury Group, benefitting from the expertise each company possesses and allowing both companies to better service customers with a wider range of products.

Moving operations

During the pandemic of 2020, Newton Security Door’s operating facility was moved to Bradbury Group’s Head Office in Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire. This strategic decision brings together all of the groups manufacturing at the 136,000 square metre facility and allows each brand to benefit from each other’s strengths.

“This reinforced the Group’s synergies by combining everything from manufacturing, to purchasing, logistics and manpower” says Richard Butler, Group Managing Director. “The move allowed us to rationalise our supplier base and strengthened our supply chain for all brands, whilst also allowing a more seamless customer experience”.

The newly built facility can provide a full production operation including CNC milling, punching, press brake machining and powder coating.

Firsts for Newton

Since the move, Newton Security Doors has continued to strengthen its operations. In June of this year, the facility produced their first double leafed door, meeting the exacting standards and accreditation the group work to.

Stuart Entwistle, Production Manager for Newton commented “We are proud to have produced our first double leafed door at the Scunthorpe facility after continuing the initial development started at our previous production facility. The team continue to go from strength-to-strength, benefitting from the one company feel and shared resources.”

The operation was also involved in the production of the first Vertex crowd control gates at the Scunthorpe facility.

Customer visits

Bradbury Group and Newton Security Doors are proud of our heritage and state-of-the-art facility, and customers are encouraged to visit the facility for yourselves and meet with the team at HQ. To book your space, click here.

An ambitious strategy

The movement of Newton’s production facility is part of an overall strategy to strengthen the products, services and overall customer experience Bradbury Group provides. Recently, we announced the movement of Liddle Doors operational support functions to the head office, capitalising on the experience and expertise the group provides and ensuring we provide world-class customer service.