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Our Steel Security Door Certifications Explained

May 20, 2020

Our Steel Security Door Certifications Explained

Over the last five years, Bradbury Group has continued to invest in product development and third-party testing of our steel security doors and other physical security solutions.

As part of our mission to provide the best steel doors on the market, we have attained third-party certification for our leading products. With this comes a whole host of benefits to our customers, as they have complete assurance that our steel security doors have been rigorously tested to meet high industry standards.

In this news piece, we’re outlining what each of our certifications mean and which of our doorsets are certified.


The Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) has worked in partnership with industry and government professionals for over 100 years to set the standards for security solutions, and their certification scheme continues to be a mark of excellence in loss prevention.

Our certified steel security doors are all accredited under the LPCB’s LPS 1175: Issue 7 standard, the security standard of choice for government-associated national infrastructure across the UK including the Ministry of Defence.

This rating means our certified steel doors can withstand varying degrees of attack, making them suitable for a range of applications where a high level of security is needed, from busy communal entrances to commercial buildings.

The M2M2 doorset is certified to LPS 1175 SR2, the lowest level of security recognised by Secured by Design. This product provides resistance to opportunist attempts where the attacker is likely to create noise using tools such as claw hammers and hand drills, making it a fantastic option for small shops and office buildings.

Our M2M3 steel security doors meet LPS 1175 SR3 standards and provide a more moderate resistance to attacks lasting up to 5 minutes. This security rating is suited to properties and businesses liable to be targeted by thieves.
For more severe, determined attempts at forced entry, our M2M4 doorsets are certified to LPS 1175 SR4. This standard of security means the doorset can resist attacks using equipment such as cordless disc grinders, drills, and sledgehammers for up to 10 minutes. Products certified to this level have never been breached, making them ideal for premises including financial buildings, government buildings and high-value infrastructure.

Our M2M2, M2M3 and M2M4 doorsets can also be supplied with the combined benefit of fire and acoustic ratings, passing Exova Group’s Certifire testing to ensure they provide the maximum protection available against the threat of fire. Please note, this fire certification only applies to internal doors.

With Certifire accreditation, our steel security doors are available with a fire rating of up to 240, providing 240 minutes of protection in the event of a fire before the door is compromised and smoke begins to leak through it.

In addition to security and fire ratings, we manufacture flood doors which have achieved the BSI kitemark and are tested to PAS 1188-1:2014. With often unpredictable weather, flooding is something your business should be prepared for. This rating ensures the risk of water damage is minimised, providing flood protection at a maximum water depth of 840mm.

Our range of PAS 1188-1:2014 certified flood defence doors comprises of M2M+FL, M2M2FL, M2M3FL and M2M4FL, with the latter three products having LPCB certification.

For more information on our certified steel security doors, visit our Knowledge Base, call us on 01724 27199, or email


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