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Powering The Utilities Sector For 30 Years

June 8, 2021

Powering The Utilities Sector For 30 Years

Bradbury Group is proud to be recognised as a leading supplier of physical security solutions including steel doors for the power industry, an essential sector that is paramount in our everyday lives.

With physical attacks and extreme weather posing a threat to this vital industry, we are renowned for offering the perfect, bespoke solution – our range of M2M steel security doors.

Contributing to our reputation as a leading steel door manufacturer, our M2M range includes express steel doors (M2MGO) ideal as an emergency replacement option, as well as a series of steel doors varying in security specification from LPCB LPS 1175: Issue 7 Security Rating 2 to Security Rating 4. Whether you’re looking for defence against opportunist attacks or high level protection against forced entry attempts using heavy duty tools, we have the solution for you.

Additionally, much of our M2M range is available with added flood defence (M2MFL) and fire rating (M2MFD), both of which are very popular accreditations amongst our power industry clients.

Why choose Bradbury Group?

We let our physical security solutions speak for themselves, and we’ve worked with a number of clients in the power sector including:


When one of the “Big Six” energy companies in the UK approached us requiring infrastructure security to minimise vandalism and break-ins, we provided over 150 M2M2 steel security rated doors to their sites across the UK. These bespoke steel doors include extra reinforcing and kick plates to provide added protection against rough terrain.
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UK Power Networks

Working with our partner Adler & Allan, we provided vital protection against a 1 in 1000 chance of flooding for UK Power Networks. Our M2M2FL doors provided UKPN with defence from up to 840mm of water as well as vandals and thieves.
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Western Power Distribution

Western Power Distribution required an aesthetically appealing steel door that also provided a high level of security. With our partner T&A Maintenance, we supplied a bespoke bi-fold solution with secure cable access.
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