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Steel vs Wood Doors

December 14, 2021

Steel vs Wood Doors

For decades, wood and steel have been competing as the two materials of choice for security doors; but the main question is what makes a steel door the better option?

Security Doors

Wooden doors are typically made from plywood or timber with a thick piece of hardboard in between. Because of this, they are unable to withstand the heavy impacts that galvanised steel would be able to withhold.

Remember burglars will always look for an easy target when trying to gain entry. A steel security door is an effective deterrent as they make more noise trying to break through and it will take much more time drawing attention to themselves. It takes a lower level of force to break a wooden door compared to the robust metal exterior of steel doors, which makes them almost impossible to pass through.

Durable Doors

Wooden doors are more vulnerable to harsh weather conditions and insect infestations, which over time will affect the overall performance of the door. Steel doors  are unaffected by these conditions due to their durable waterproof design, negating the risk caused from insect infestations and adverse weather conditions.

Robust & Durable Doors

Steel doors are made out of very strong metal, so unlike wood they are virtually indestructible.

Most steel doors are drill proof, making it even more difficult for an intruder to gain access as they can be fitted with sashlock, panic bars, additional deadlocks and an external override. These add an additional level of security to the door.

Fire Resistant Doors

A steel fire-rated door can withstand higher temperatures for longer periods than the wooden alternatives. A steel door can offer up to 4 hours of fire resistance, while a wooden door only offers a 90 minute fire rating.

Bradbury Group’s doors are accredited by CERTIFIRE, an independent third-party certification scheme that assures performance, quality, reliability and traceability of fire protection products.

Door Style

Many people complain that steel doors are ‘too plain’ compared to wood doors. However, steel doors are available in a wide range of colours and finishes, including wood grain effect, meeting the aesthetics of a building

So, our overall verdict is that due to their security, durable design and versatility, steel doors will always rank on top.

About Bradbury Group

Bradbury Group is one of the leading steel door manufacturers in the UK; but what makes us different?

All of the products we offer collectively are developed, designed and produced in-house, each being a testament to our quality and ambition as a UK manufacturer. Our product portfolio includes a large range of doors such as: steel security doors, communal entrance doors and architectural doors.

To find out more about Bradbury Group and our range of steel doors, please visit product finder or contact us.


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