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The importance of fire doors in your construction project

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Ahead of Fire Door Safety week, we look at how the humble door can positively or negatively impact construction and renovation projects.

Why choose fire doors?

In any construction project, fire safety is paramount. In large scale constructions or high-rise buildings, it is critical that doors perform as expected to delay the spread of fire from one area to another.

Fire doors are a requirement in many domestic and commercial situations including office spaces and internal areas where habitable homes have integral garages and second floors. As well as providing fire protection, doors must be easy to open as a means of escape.

Importance of quality Installation

It is less common to establish the impact on fire doors as a result of poor installation or maintenance. Fire Door Safety Week aims to educate individuals in the importance of choosing and inspecting fire doors. View their 5 step fire door check to find out more about what to look out for.

At Bradbury Group, we pride ourselves in providing high standards of installation, both through Bradbury Security and our selected installation partners.

Certified fire doors

Door manufacturers can certify doorsets to guarantee performance in a fire situation. Under BS EN 1634-1, testing is conducted to determine the length of time a door can withstand fire, providing the client with confidence in the doors’ safety.

Bradbury Group’s M2M range has achieved third party accreditation through Certifire, a third party scheme assuring performance, quality, reliability and traceability for our fire protection products. Certifire is an internationally recognised independent body, providing assurances to the construction sector. Our range approved doors have achieved FD240, meaning they can withstand fire for up to 240 minutes.

About Fire Door Safety Week

Fire Door Safety Week was launched in 2013. It is a mass market awareness campaign, aimed at increasing public understanding and raising awareness of the importance of fire door safety. Find out more about the advice, webinars and toolkits they provide here.