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Understanding Your Physical Security Needs

December 7, 2017

Understanding Your Physical Security Needs

Commercial properties are considered an attractive prospect by criminals, due to the presumed high level of valuable assets that can be kept on site at any given time. With many business premises typically left unoccupied during evenings and weekends, they can be the main target for experienced thieves looking to be largely uninterrupted during a break in.

With police reported crime recording around 5.2 million offences in the last year, and an almost 11% increase in theft, it begs the question, why are we allowing them the luxury of easy access onto our premises? Implementing effective security measures is a simple and invaluable way to help drastically reduce the likelihood of being targeted by burglars.

This quick guide is aimed to help you to determine the right security measures and physical security products to protect your business assets.


Assessing Your Risk Level:

Each business will have its own level of risk, dependant on factors such as the business type, location, goods sold, local crime rates, and trading hours. It is important to identify these to establish the appropriate protection.

Firstly, when assessing your physical security measurements, you need to ensure that you have an understanding of all the requirements that need to be met, such as building consents, health and safety regulations, and fire prevention. You should also consider investing in commercial property insurance to protect all aspects of the company – from criminal damage, right through to environmental damage.

Secondly, consider contacting your local police force to gain an understanding of the crime trends around the area, helping you to better protect your company’s assets.

Finally, try to consider the ways that criminals may try to gain access into the business. Whilst there are many types of criminals, the majority of whom may act on impulse when an opportunity arises, there is still a great threat to businesses through organised criminals and gangs who will plan and target vulnerable premises. This practice can help to identify vulnerable areas, such as poor visibility locations, main entry points, and easily visible portable valuables, daily activity, and lack of good alarm systems, CCTV, border control, and security training.

Physical Security Checklist:

Once a risk assessment has been performed, it’s then time to turn your attention to the physical security measures that are capable of protecting and securing your business assets. We have included our full physical security checklist at the end of this guide, to use as a basic model that can be adapted to fit your specific needs.

Security Doors

As doors are the primary route of entry for occupants and burglars alike, it is essential that they are able to protect the building from any unauthorised access. Bradbury’s extensive range of steel security, personnelcertified and communal doors offer a high-quality security solution to suit specific needs. Suitable for both industrial and commercial properties, they are available in a wide range of sizes, designs, colours, powder coatings and optional extras, meaning that you’ll be able to personally hand-pick the right security product for you.

Each inward and outward opening single, double, and leaf and a half doorset is bespoke-manufactured, and can include a wide range of ancillary items, louvres, vision panels, and top and side panels.

Alongside of this, Bradbury security doors have undergone rigorous third party testing by the LPCB to achieve LPS 1175 SR1 to SR4, along with Secured by Design accreditations, to give you and your business the ultimate peace of mind.

Grilles & Bars

Security grilles and window bars are a versatile solution for a lot of common security problems that your business may encounter. Offering a visual and physical deterrent from potential intruders,

Bradbury offers a unique and extensive range of reliable, high-quality and cost-effective products that are tailored to meet your personal requirements.

Suitable for window and door applications, our catalogue includes a range of retractable grilles ideal for all types of properties, from our cost-effective and economical CX0, to the strong and robust LPS 1175 SR3 Extendor Eclipse.

Also available are our non-rated, solid steel rotating burglar bars, that are designed to prevent attack from tools such as hacksaws. Alternatively, if you’re looking for certified window protection, our Spartan bar sets are a high security range, certified by the LPCB to LPS 1175 SR2 and SR3.

Security Cages

Security cages are perfect for premises where enhanced protection within a restricted or shared area is required. Access can easily be controlled and monitored, and no additional climate control or fire detection and suppression are necessary as security cages help to permit free airflow.

Bradbury Extendor Cages are available in a wide range of sizes, from small safe boxes to entire clean rooms. New ideas are continuously being produced to suit client needs, but common applications for this product include security for IT equipment and valuables, as well as safeguarding restricted areas within laboratories, warehouses and retail premises. Extendor Cages are available uncertified, or with LPS 1175 SR2 and SR3 LPCB accreditation.

You do not have to turn your premises into a fortress to help prevent crime, but by taking these steps to understand and implement a few simple physical security measures, you will reduce the risk of being targeted by thieves.

If you would like any further advice on how you can improve your business’ security, or would like to see Bradbury’s full range of security products, you can contact our team of experts via or call us on 01724 271999.