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Welcome Joe & Max; Youth Engineering’s new Apprentices

September 7, 2022

Welcome Joe & Max; Youth Engineering’s new Apprentices

Max Bryant and Joe Hickson joined Bradbury Academy last month (9th August 2022) as part of the Level 2 Engineering Operative Apprenticeship.

The Engineering operative role covers a wide range of common and job-specific skill sets that can be transferred across the manufacturing engineering industry sectors, and is delivered alongside our partners Springfield Training, a government-approved and registered training provider.

Both Max and Joe will benefit from Springfield’s hands-on approach to learning as they will spend their time during the qualification at Bradbury Group’s state-of-the-art facilities, gaining real-life manufacturing experience.

We caught up with Joe and Max to find out a little more about them and to see how they are settling in; here’s what they told us…

Why did you choose the level 2 engineering operative role?

Joe: “I loved using hand tools at school, so this role really interested me”

Max: “Engineering appealed to me because I enjoy crafting and creating things”

What challenges have you faced so far?

Joe: “Learning how to use the Jigsaw was harder than I expected and was definitely a challenge”

Max: “Waking myself up as I get up a lot earlier now!”

What have you enjoyed the most so far?

Joe: “I’ve enjoyed learning how to use different tools and equipment, even though some of them can be a challenge to use”

Max: “Producing the frames can be difficult and a big challenge, but it’s enjoyable at the same time”

What are you looking forward to trying or learning?

Joe: “I’m really looking forward to using the CNC Laser machine, I think it looks like a challenge”

Max: “I can’t wait to try welding and learning how to use the CNC Laser machine”

Do you have any short-term and long-term goals?

Joe: “My short-term goal is to get the level 2 engineering qualification, and my long-term goal is to find a job in building”

Max: “I want to achieve my qualification in engineering, and also learn how to weld and hopefully get really good at it”


Congrats and good luck!

Both Joe and Max recently received their GCSE results and were elated when they found out how well they had done. Joe previously studied at Melior Community Academy, and Max Engineering UTC.

Jen Vincent, Director of Employer Engagement at Engineering UTC, was delighted for Max as she expressed “We are so pleased for him. He is so proud of himself and will be a loyal and dedicated worker. This is just the best news. Well done, Max!”.

Congratulations to both Joe and Max, and good luck to you both as you make a start on your journeys!

Find out more about Youth Engineering here. 


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