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Why choose our M2M+?

June 9, 2022

Why choose our M2M+?

Our M2M+ doorset is one of Bradbury Group’s best-selling steel doors. Strong, lightweight, and durable, Bradbury Group’s M2M+ range are general-purpose steel doorsets, suitable for a variety of applications and sectors.

What makes an M2M+ so versatile?

The versatility of the M2M+ is created from a variety of customisable key features that can be applied to the product. Two of the most exciting features of the M2M+ are the certification options, including CERTFIRE fire rating certification up to FD240, and ISO 10140 acoustic rating from Rw28 to Rw40.

Being bespoke-engineered, the M2M+ is available in a wide range of sizes as either a single, leaf and a half, or double doorset.  Features also extend beyond the capabilities of the door; optional extras are available which include an additional deadlock, external override, door closers, pull handles, push plates, limit stays, and a choice of thresholds. Various sizes of vision panels and bladed louvres are also available.

We also offer an extensive range of polyester powdered coated colours and finishes to our UK market-leading steel doors, with our wood grain effect finish available. Having the option of different design colours and finishes allows us to meet our customers’ specific aesthetic and design needs, meeting their requirements.


Where can I use M2M steel doors?

The Bradbury M2M+ steel doorsets are suitable for both internal and external installation, which adds to the versatility and application of our products. Due to the nature of the steel doors being “made to measure”, they can be configured for use as personnel doors, fire exits, and substation doors.

Our M2M+ doors have been used across sectors such as civil aviation, renewables, construction, prisons, nuclear, and petrochemical. These sectors demonstrate the multi-purpose application of the M2M+, as they can be used in industrial, commercial, or domestic buildings. The optional CERTFIRE accreditation also means that our steel doors are ideal for fire exits.

Is this door right for me?

Finding a cost-effective door that meets project regulations and requirements, whilst also blending with the building aesthetics can be difficult and time-consuming. The M2M+ was designed as a resolution to these obstacles, with an ‘all-in-one’ mentality.

Andy Edser, Bradbury Group’s Engineering Director, who was involved in designing and creating the M2M+ explained “One of the key motivations behind designing the M2M+ was to manufacture a multi-purpose, affordable door that could be produced with a relatively short lead-time; the M2M+ is exactly that”. Andy added “I think the greatest feature of the M2M+ is its versatility. Capable of servicing multiple sectors, both externally and internally, the M2M+ can be designed with both fire and or acoustic ratings, as well as optional hardware extras, to your exact specification”.

The M2M+ can serve many different purposes, which makes it ideal for both small or large projects or even just single orders. We understand that building a door can sometimes be overwhelming, however, our experienced sales team are on-hand to help you find the right door to meet your needs and guide you in the right direction.

If you have any questions or would like to make an enquiry you can contact us at, or visit our product finder page to explore alternative options.


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