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Why Choose Our Steel Doors?

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Our extensive range of steel doors provide protection and the ultimate security solution. The steel doors we provide include the versatile M2M+ and M2MGO doorsets which are delivered in as little as five working days. Our doors are ideal for industrial, commercial and domestic buildings. Depending on your requirements, we offer a wide range of locking options, hardware and many other additional features. All of our steel doors are engineered and produced in-house, which allows us to tailor-make them to your necessities, and are available in a range of colours and finishes.

M2MGO Doors

The M2MGO is an express steel door, these can be designed, made and delivered in as little as five working days. These doors can be configured as single or double personnel doors, available with a sashlock and lever handle, or as fire exits with a panic bar. Our optional additional extras include deadlock, external override, a door closer and a 203mm x 762mm vision panel. This range is available in 24 different finishes; 23 of the most popular polyester powder paints and a primer.

M2M+ Doors

The M2M+ doors are multi-purpose steel doorsets which are suitable for internal or external installation. They can be used in industrial, commercial or domestic buildings. These doors are bespoke engineered in-house and come with a wide scope of locking options, they are also available as a single, leaf and a half, or double doorset. Each one comes with optional extras including vision panels and louvres. The highly versatile doors are configured for use as personnel doors, fire exits and substation doors. They can also be provided with an acoustic rating ranging from Rw28 to Rw40, and/or a fire rating up to FD240.

Certified Steel Doors

Our selection of certified security doors offers varying levels of protection for your buildings. The collection we have to offer include security rated doors, acoustic doors, flood defence doors and fire doors. Our range of certified security doors includes M2M2, M2M3 and M2M4 doorsets. These steel doors are designed and manufactured to satisfy the Loss Prevention Certification Board’s LPS 1175 standard for physical security products. All doors in the M2M range are available with an optional fire rating of FD240, offering protection from smoke and flames for up to four hours. We also offer the M2MAC range of doors which are acoustically rated, and the M2MFL range of flood defence doorsets.

M2M3 Doors

LPCB accredited to LPS 1175 SR3, our M2M3 doors provide a high level of resistance to attack. The third-party testing to achieve this standard replicates a deliberate forced entry using a range of attack options, including a scissor jack, gas torch and pad saw. To make sure our doorsets offer the most extensive series of SR3 certified options, they are available with a range of hardware, louvres, vision panels, and MICO Abryll locking options. This door range is versatile and can be configured for installation in a variety of applications including airports, retail outlets and defence buildings. We can also offer M2M3FD doorsets which have the added benefit of third-party fire accreditation up to FD240, so you can combine security and fire requirements.

M2MFL Range

The M2MFL range of flood defence doorsets has been successfully tested to achieve a designated maximum water depth of 840mm. We offer these doors as outward opening single, leaf and a half, or double doorsets, with fixed side and/or top panels. Each door offers varying levels of security, with optional accreditation to LPS 1175 SR2 to SR4, which allows specifiers to select a flood defence doorset in line with their security requirements. The doors in this range are available with a wide scope of locking options and hardware, as well as a selection of louvres and vision panels above flood level.

M2MAC Range

Our M2MAC range offers acoustic doors with an ISO 10140 rating from Rw28 to Rw42, depending on the amount of noise reduction required. The range of acoustic doorsets includes M2M+AC and M2M2AC, the M2M+AC is available with a wide range of acoustic ratings they are perfect for project briefs that don’t require third-party security. M2M2AC doorsets are LCPB accredited, so they provide a high-security acoustic door for applications which require that extra bit of protection. All doors in this range are available as single, leaf and a half, or double doorsets, and are available with a wide range of locking options.

If you want to know more about the doors we have to offer, check out our product portfolio or contact us via enquiries@bradbury-group.com.