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Why choose a wood grain steel door?

April 12, 2023

Why choose a wood grain steel door?

Widely trusted for their reliability, endurance and strength, steel doors are frequently the door of choice for architects and specifiers.

While wooden doors have been utilised for centuries, they are susceptible to environmental damage and require an extensive level of upkeep to ensure their life expectancy, such as regular paint application. Unlike wood, steel is much more enduring with no shrinkage, cracking, or warping, providing better long-term value.

In more demanding environments, a steel door will out perform a wooden alternative and with additional benefits such as fire ratings, security certifications, sound reduction and resistance to burglary, it’s clear why they’re an increasingly opted-for solution.

Wood grain effect

An architectural or commercial style building often requires a more traditional looking door that offers no compromise on security or fire rating. The popularity of wood grain effect steel doors continues to increase as they remove any conflict of aesthetics versus security.

Applied using a powder coated finish, our attractive wood grain finish provides the same durability as other steel painted doors. In addition, this paint effect can also be applied to any vision panels, louvres, and side and over panels to ensure a quality, cohesive finish.



Security and fire rated doors

Bradbury Group aims to provide the best steel doors on the market. Over recent years, we have attainted third-party certification for our market-leading products giving our customers a whole host of benefits and complete assurance that our range of steel security doors meets high industry standards.

Our certifications include:





PAS 24:2022


Specific-to-door certifications are all outlined on our product pages.


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