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Certified Fire Rated Doors

In the critical moments of a fire emergency, the right protection can make all the difference. Our fire door range is a comprehensive line of fire doors that blend exceptional fire integrity with bespoke design, offering up to four hours of certified fire resistance.

Capital45 Architectural Doors

Martin Roberts’ signature product is the Capital45, a premium architectural doorset that has been developed to be specified by architects.


The M2M+Express is a made-to-measure steel door sets which is designed in three efficient steps and ready for dispatch in just five days.

M2MFD Fire Doors

The M2MFD Range offers doors with a fire rating of FD30 to FD240, accredited by CERTIFIRE. 

More About Bradbury Group Fire Doors:

At The Bradbury Group, we supply secure fire doors. All of our doors, apart from our flood doors or ClassicAL range, are fire-rated.  

Our dedicated M2MFD range, encompassing M2M+FD, M2M2FD, M2M3FD, and M2M4FD, is engineered to meet diverse fire safety needs. With ratings from FD30 to FD240, these doors provide essential time for evacuation and emergency response as part of a passive fire safety system, certified by a globally recognised fire testing company.

Understanding that each project has unique requirements, our wide selection of high security fire doors and M2MFD doors cater to various security needs and architectural briefs. Whether it’s for a commercial complex or a residential building, our doors are customisable to fit your specific project.

All of our fire doors are certified by CERTIFIRE, an independent third-party certification scheme. Most Bradbury Group fire doors are certified to FD240 accreditation. These doors underwent the furnace test, withstanding temperatures above 1100oC for four hours. 

The M2MFD range isn’t just about internal safety; it’s also about securing external openings. With external CE and UKCA certification, these external and internal doors ensure comprehensive protection for all environments.

Proudly designed and manufactured in the UK by our in-house engineering team, the M2MFD doors stand as a testament to Bradbury Group’s commitment to quality and design excellence. These fire-rated bespoke steel doorsets are not just functional; they are a statement of excellent craftsmanship.

Choose our secure fire-rated doors for unparalleled fire protection. Contact Bradbury Group now for a bespoke solution that aligns with your fire safety objectives. Trust in our doors to be your building’s steadfast protector against fire.

Most of our secure door solutions offer fire protection. The M2MFD range offers doors with fire ratings from FD30 to FD240. This means they can protect against fire for up to four hours, depending on the specific model chosen.

Yes, the M2MFD fire doors are certified by globally-recognised fire testing and certification companies, ensuring they meet stringent safety standards.

A door is classified as fire-rated based on its ability to withstand fire for a specified period. In the UK, fire-rated doors are rigorously tested to meet certain standards of fire resistance, typically characterised by the length of time they can hold back flames and smoke. The doorset, including its frame, hinges, and hardware, must also be capable of withstanding high temperatures.

Yes, the M2MFD range is suitable for external installation in locations or buildings that do not require third-party accredited security. They provide both fire resistance and security for external doors and can also be certified to PAS 24 or LPS 1175, up to SR4.

Yes, the M2MFD range of fire doors can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your project, both in terms of size and design.

Yes, in the UK, internal fire doors in flats are usually required to be self-closing. This is an important feature that ensures the door closes automatically after being opened. Self-closing fire doors are crucial in maintaining the integrity of fire compartments and preventing the spread of fire and smoke.

Fire Doors and the M2MFD range are ideal for a large range of buildings, including commercial, industrial, and residential properties – particularly where fire safety is a priority.

The choice depends on your specific fire safety requirements, the location (internal fire door or external), and the desired fire rating. Our team can assist you in selecting the most suitable fire-rated door for your needs that goes above and beyond a standard door.

Absolutely. You can contact us directly for a bespoke quote tailored to your specific requirements and project details.