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Well known as the world’s largest restaurant chain, McDonald’s own over 34,000 restaurants worldwide, and 1,200 restaurants throughout the UK. Renowned for being the pioneers of the ‘drive thru’ concept, McDonald’s across the UK are currently upgrading all facilities, and plan to open 300 new drive thrus in the next ten years.


Location: Multiple, UK


The Challenge

A phase of upgrades to McDonald’s restaurants coincided with a rise in ‘smash and grab’ attempts on their sites, leading the company to decide that a nationwide increase in perimeter security measures was necessary. Their standing door supplier was due to be replaced, as existing doorsets were failing due to steel cages damaging and removing hardware from the door, leaving many unsecure. Architects specified that upgrades to sites had to meet ‘Secured by Design’ planning requirements, the official UK police flagship initiative, combining the principles of designing out crime with physical security.


The Solution

After careful consultation with the client, it was decided that the M2M2 range would be best suited to their needs. M2M2 doors are certified to LPS 1175 SR2, and thus meet all the guidelines required for ‘Secured by Design’ status.

To combat the issue of cages smashing hardware off doors, our research and development team engineered a solution which added a yellow bumper bar which sat proud of the hardware and operated the locking mechanism, so that cages could pass through the doors without causing damage. M2M2 doors are now specified across all new-build and upgraded McDonald’s restaurants.