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SSE is a British energy company, operating in the United Kingdom and Ireland. It is involved in the generation and supply of electricity and gas, the operation of gas and telecoms networks and other energy-related services. SSE are considered as one of the “Big Six” companies which dominate the energy market in the United Kingdom.


Location: Multiple Sites, UK


The Challenge

SSE were experiencing large amounts of vandalism and break-ins, and in turn incurring losses of expensive equipment and cabling (primarily copper from substations). As many SSE sites are in remote areas, falling victim to foul play can have major implications for the safety and security of critical national infrastructure. SSE required a completely new approach to the physical security of their sites, and required a door supplier who had an in-depth and complex understanding of infrastructure security.

Representatives from SSE approached Bradbury Group after learning of our long-standing history in developing bespoke solutions for their industry.


The Solution

Bradbury Group worked with SSE to determine their requirements, and established that our LPS 1175 SR2 doorsets would be the most suitable.

Our dedicated team of engineers developed a bespoke threshold for all SSE specification doorsets, which is countersunk and bolted on a silicon bed to prevent water ingress, and removable to allow switchgear transfers. Extra reinforcing has been designed into the door leaf, and bespoke kick plates and protection prevents the underside of the door from snagging on the often rough terrain. Mico Elite single point locking systems ensure that would-be vandals or intruders cannot damage or force the lock, ensuring all substations remain secure and functioning.

To date, over 150 M2M2 doorsets have been installed into SSE sites across the UK.