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Trinity Leeds

Trinity Leeds is a shopping and leisure centre that was developed in Leeds in 2013. The development has a catchment of 5.5million people, offering a spend of £1.93billion annually. Trinity Leeds was awarded the ‘VIVA Design and Development Award’ at the 2015 Global Vision, Innovation, Value & Achievement Best-of-the-Best Awards.


Location: Leeds, UK

Completed by: Martin Roberts


The Challenge

This large and high-profile development was designed to offer a light and open feel, enhanced by a stunning architectural glass roof and wide open spaces. The centre also planned to house art, including large eclectic sculptures, so all steel doorsets were required to complement and assimilate into their wider environment, whilst not detracting from its key features.


The Solution

Martin Roberts was faced with the challenge of completing the project with little to no storage available on site, so the requirements for this project were as much about managing the large-scale logistics and delivery of products, as the products as a whole.

Martin Roberts supplied and installed 60 steel doors that greatly enhanced the high-end look and feel of the shopping centre. The doorsets were fitted into meeting rooms, staff areas and emergency escapes, and all were powder coated in a high-quality finish.