In a world where security is not just a luxury but a necessity, Bradbury Group stands at the forefront of protection. Our selection of certified security doors offer a variety of options to meet your specific needs, whilst also meeting the requirements of the building’s security.

British-Made Steel Security Doors for Ultimate Peace of Mind

At Bradbury Group, leading security door manufacturers, we offer the finest dual certified British-made steel security doors designed to provide unparalleled protection. Our high security steel doors combine cutting-edge technology with superior craftsmanship, delivering durable security doors that stand the test of time.

With a high level of protection and optional CE fire certification, Bradbury Group’s bespoke M2M3 doorset is the optimum solution where a high level of security protection and/or fire integrity are required.
Our M2M2 doorsets are certified by the LPCB to LPS 1175: Issue 7 Security Rating 2 and have achieved CE Certification for external fire, making them a versatile steel door for your project.
The M2MFD range is available with a rating of FD30 to FD240, providing up to four hours of fire integrity, as certified by a globally-recognised fire testing and certification company.
With a high level of protection and optional CE fire certification, Bradbury Group’s bespoke M2M4  doorset is the optimum solution where a high level of security protection and/or fire integrity are required.
ClassicAL communal entrance doors and panels are constructed from reinforced aluminium and stainless steel, combining superior strength with a contemporary appearance.

The Bradbury Advantage: Setting the Standard in Security Doors

Bradbury Group stands at the forefront of the security door industry, offering a comprehensive range of high-security steel doors that redefine protection. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of our products and services.

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Unmatched Strength and Durability

Our security steel doors are built to last, crafted from thick steel and reinforced with a sturdy steel frame. These industrial-grade doors are designed to withstand forced entry attempts, even in challenging environments. Each door is meticulously engineered using only the highest quality materials, creating a lasting defence against security threats.

Innovative Features for Enhanced Protection

Advanced Locking Systems

Every steel security door features an industry-leading locking system as standard, ensuring a high level of security. These locking systems are continuously tested and improved to stay ahead of evolving security threats.

Fire-Rated Protection

Many of our steel security doors are also fire-rated, providing additional safety. These fire exit doors are meticulously engineered to contain flames and smoke, with ratings ranging from 30 minutes to 4 hours of fire resistance.

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Customisable Solutions for Every Need

We offer bespoke security doors tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you’re looking for fire-rated doors, glazed options, or specialised designs, we can manufacture your custom security doors to exact specifications. Our customisable options include:

  • A wide range of colours and finishes
  • Various sizes for any doorway
  • Optional glazing and/or louvres for visibility without compromising security
  • Specialised hardware and locking systems

Versatile Applications: Security Solutions for Every Sector

Residential Security: Protecting Your Home

Our security front doors offer the perfect blend of aesthetics and protection. These stylish and secure front doors complement your apartment/flat building architectural style while providing top-tier security.

Commercial and Industrial: Safeguarding Your Business Assets

For businesses and industrial facilities across various sectors including retail, healthcare, education, and critical infrastructure, we offer heavy-duty steel security doors designed for high-traffic areas and potential security threats. Our range includes:

  • High-Traffic Area Solutions: Built to handle constant use in busy commercial environments
  • Specialised Industrial Doors: Including intruder / stealth resistant, and acoustic doors
  • Double steel doors and louvre options to meet specific commercial needs
  • Bespoke manufactured to any size, with optional side and overpanels where large area accessibility is required.
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Why Choose Bradbury Group?

  • Premium steel security doors manufactured to the highest standards
  • Bespoke design and customisation options
  • Industry-leading locking system as standard
  • Fire-rated options available
  • Biggest range of certified doors
  • Expert fitting service and helpful team for support
  • Competitive prices including VAT
  • Rapid turnaround time, with some doors available within 72 hours


Secure your property with the best. Contact us at or call us on 01724 271999 for a free measurement and quote. Choose Bradbury Group for unbeatable protection and peace of mind.

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