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Are Steel Security Doors Worth It?

Are Steel Security Doors Worth It?

Upgrading to sturdy steel security doors represents a more substantial investment than regular wooden doors. But are the benefits worth the extra cost? For many people, steel doors provide compelling advantages that justify their typically higher price tag, making it the right security door for them.

Enhanced Security and Peace of Mind

The prime motivation for choosing steel over other security door materials is enhanced protection. Steel doors are inherently more resistant to forced entry thanks to the strength of the solid metal. Most demonstrate high tolerance against impacts, leverage attacks, and drilling or cutting attempts.

Certified steel doors

When certified to security standards like PAS 24, LPS 1175 or STS202 testing, steel security doors reliably withstand prolonged attack from a variety of hand and power tools, as well as body slams.

This extra security resilience provides property owners with invaluable additional reaction time when faced with break-in attempts.

Visible deterrent

A steel security door also serves as an effective visible deterrent, with their outward sturdy appearance signalling a harder prospect that encourages opportunistic burglars to look elsewhere. This “peace of mind” factor carries its own inherent value for many owners of commercial properties.

Durability and Reliability

Steel doors also distinguish themselves in sheer durability. Properly maintained, they continue to look and function like a new door,  even after decades of use. This contrasts with traditional doors like wooden ones, which progressively warp, crack and splinter over time.

The longevity and reliability of steel doors saves you the hassle and expense of continual repairs and replacements over time. It also maintains the door’s security integrity over its lifetime, avoiding the gradual failure of components seen in other materials.

Customised Protection and Aesthetics

Another benefit of steel doors is their exceptional customisability compared to other conventional options. You can tailor security specifications to their precise risks and needs with features like multi-point locking and reinforced frames. 

Conclusion: Is a Steel Security Door Worth it?

Steel security doors justify higher purchase costs through enhanced security, extreme durability, customisation flexibility, energy savings and sheer longevity before a replacement is needed. For property owners prioritising superior protection lasting decades, steel doors represent a sound investment in long-term security.

Bradbury Group Steel Doors 

Here at Bradbury Group, our specialised product range includes security rated and fire certified doors engineered to customer specifications or available via rapid delivery. 

Our M2M+24 is an entry-level security steel doorset that offers enhanced security performance. It has been tested to ensure it can withstand opportunist burglary attempts and comes with the Secured by Design Police Preferred Specification.

Alternatively, our M2M2 and M2M4 steel security doors are certified not just for basic burglary resistance, but to the more rigorous LPS 1175 SR2 to SR4 standards. These test their ability to withstand attacks from high impact power tools like rams, sledgehammers, and cutting equipment. 

All Bradbury doors fuse seamless style with advanced protective functionality. With extensive customisation possibilities and dedicated support teams, our steel doors take protection to the next level while suiting individual requirements.

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