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Can steel doors be broken into?

Can steel doors be broken into?

Steel doors lead the security industry thanks to their unmatched durability. But can these barriers still be breached by a determined intruder? While exceedingly difficult, penetrating a steel door without keys remains physically possible under certain conditions. 

Realistically, assessing the strengths and limitations of steel security doors provides property owners and businesses with a perspective of how well protected their premises are with a steel door.

Blunt Force Rarely Succeeds

Thanks to the unmatched strength of interlocking steel, direct assaults using brute force rarely overpower a steel secure door. Hammers, axes, ram shoulders, and even improvised battering rams scrape and dent but fail to compromise the structure.

This resilience against smash-and-grab attacks compared to other doors like glass sliding doors makes steel the definitive choice.

Advanced Tools Open Options

However, advanced tools in the hands of skilled burglars can cut through nearly any obstacle given enough uninterrupted time. High-powered saws, hydraulic jacks and pressure-wrench door spreaders can all carve through a metal door much quicker than manual means.

There are two main types of attack:

  1. Stealth attacks drawing less attention – Quieter, more methodical approaches that reduce the chances of detection.
  2. Extended unobserved manipulation – Vacant buildings left unattended for longer periods allow for extensive forced entry attacks, as intruders may be able to find the properties vulnerabilities or use more advanced tools.

The PAS24 testing standard focuses on the first of the two main types of attack, where opportunist burglars try to gain entry without making noise or attracting attention. This certification focuses on low impact hand tools and is best suited to domestic or high volume personnel doorsets. 

The LPS 1175 security standard tests the doorset’s resistance to forced entry attack, with ratings from SR1 to SR8. This standard takes into account a wider range of intruders, including those not concerned by noise. An SR8 rated door for example, represents the highest level of defence, resisting forced entry from vehicles, firearms and explosives for up to 60 minutes. 

The optimal defence for a building should include a variety of deterrents, including early detection through alarms and observation of any unfamiliar loitering, scoping and tampering, alongside high security perimeters, doors and windows.

Supporting Elements Matter Too

Beyond the steel door itself, no defensive barrier functions alone. Weaknesses in the door frame, walls, windows, exterior security barriers, and supplementary locks leave alternate paths for break-ins. Savvy burglars notice these vulnerabilities, avoiding confrontation with steel doors in favour of weaker structural elements nearby. 

Balancing strong exterior doors with well-secured frames, windows and layered alarm protocols remain the most effective deterrent.

Maintenance Essential Over Time

Another factor is ongoing maintenance as doors age. Loosening frames, worn weather seals, and corrosion eventually undermine a once-impenetrable security door. Keeping up regular checks and repairs ensures the structural integrity of security doors persist against intrusion attempts aiming to exploit maintenance flaws or weathering degradation over time. 

Taking a proactive stewardship mentality regarding one’s property safeguards its door security through ongoing upgrades and repairs spanning generations. Our steel doors stand the tests of time with proper care.

Bradbury Group Steel Security Doors

Direct brute force almost never overpowers quality steel doors, but more discreet, prolonged tampering can cut through nearly any barrier given the opportunity. Minimising that window of opportunity through prompt detection and eliminating secondary weaknesses offers the best prevention.

Here at Bradbury Group, we offer fully bespoke steel doors engineered to deliver multi layered security: 

All Bradbury doors incorporate robust break-in resistance into sleek durable style.

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