What is the Average Cost of an Exterior Steel Door?

Upgrading to a sturdy steel door may mean a larger investment than standard wooden doors. But what’s the average price range to be expected for commercial buildings, offices and factories? As with most major renovations, the cost of a single steel door depends on the specifics of each unique project. 

However, some general guidelines apply when budgeting for an exterior steel door upgrade.

Steel Door Cost Considerations

The final price of a new steel door takes multiple cost factors into account:

Base Steel Door Model

Basic steel doors range widely from £500 up to £2,000 or more depending on size, thickness, door frame and core insulation. Steel security doors with protective plating and hardware upgrades sit at the higher end. Additionally, single doors will typically be cheaper compared to steel double doors.

Customisation additions

Integrating custom security features like a multi-point locking system and reinforcement plates, decorative finishes like wood grain textures or custom colours, and fire resistance all add to the door’s base price. The more tailored the door, the more you can expect to pay.

Door Installation charges

With their significant weight and need for precision fitting, most property owners source professional installation for new steel doors averaging £200-£500. Complex projects requiring structural changes to accommodate the new front door may incur additional labour fees, such as modifications to the existing door frame.

Disposal fees

Finally, factor in modest costs to appropriately remove and dispose of the old door units being replaced.

Put together, property owners budgeting for a new steel security door should plan around £1,000-1,500 for a straightforward project up to £5,000 or more when integrating custom finishes, premium security enhancements and speciality glasswork.

Value Beyond Initial Steel Door Prices

The increased resilience and durability of steel doors return much of that initial investment over time through:

  • Enhanced protective security and resulting peace of mind.
  • Significant energy savings from improved insulation.
  • Avoid continual repairs and replacements typical for wooden doors.
  • Maintained visual appeal resisting scratches, warping and wear.

Considered across their entire lengthy lifespan before replacement becomes necessary, quality steel doors ultimately save money compared to cheaper wooden units requiring recurrent upkeep and swapping out.

Bradbury Group Steel Doors 

Industry leader Bradbury Group offers fully bespoke steel doors combining with aesthetically pleasing design. With the flexibility to meet precise requirements across a range of budgets, Bradbury Group doors deliver the ideal balance of security and longevity for your money. 

M2M+ Express

Our swift-delivery M2M+Express doors balance urgent commercial projects with quality assurance. With a despatch time of 3-5 working days, these doors are ideal for commercial sites needing to quickly implement exterior steel doors.


Our premium Capital45 architectural range combines noise reduction and fire codes for developers needing compliance without jeopardising aesthetics. As highly bespoke builds, these doors come at a higher price point compared to other ranges we offer. 


Our adaptable M2M+ series blends durability and in-house quality control for budget-conscious owners prioritising function over form. This remains Bradbury’s most cost-effective range.

Consult our advisors today on finding the optimal balance of steel door functionality, durability and aesthetics within your renovation budget. Allow our experts to provide guidance on achieving lasting protection that enhances your property without overspending.