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What is the Best Door to Avoid Burglary?

What is the Best Door to Avoid Burglary?

With property break-ins persistently common, using the most secure entry doors make sense to deter opportunist thefts. Hinging protection on the right door means understanding the differences separating the good, better and best options on the market when it comes to denying unauthorised access.

Wood Fails Fundamental Tests

Standard wooden doors occupy the bottom tier of door security due their fundamental structural composition. Splintering under heavy blows and severing easily when kicked, cut or drilled, wood offers little resistance across key vulnerability zones. Even sturdy hardwood builds little lasting deterrence.

Fibreglass Warrants Consideration

Typically secured with wooden internal supports, fibreglass composite doors marginally improve commercial and home security over wood while carrying similar insulation benefits. Some composites integrate partial steel plating for enhanced protection too. 

Though they lack full-structure metallic strength, fibreglass doors resonate with homeowners preferring decorative choices beyond industrial steel aesthetics.

Steel Stands Above the Rest

Topping professional security assessments, steel doors provide maximal protection rooted in the density and rigidity of formable steel. They thwart blunt attacks that shatter wood and stand up to prying efforts. Quality steel also withstands cutting, drilling and thermal assaults from hand tools that easily penetrate other home door materials.

Validated through certifications like LPS 1175, STS202 and PAS 24 testing against experienced physical attacks, steel security doors eliminate guesswork for property owners seeking proven superior resistance against forced entry. This makes steel doors an effective measure for burglar proofing a property.

Beyond Material Construction

Of course, appropriately supporting any barrier with a well-fitted front door frame, tamper-resistant hardware and layered home security protocols maximises the protection of even basic interior doors while eliminating weaknesses around them. Holistic approaches examine entire entrance vulnerabilities rather than exclusively relying on standalone slab strength.

For front doors directly facing an attempted break in, steel security models certified to thwart real-world criminal methods offer the greatest peace of mind. When appropriately maintained and augmented with complementary building protections, steel doors form the innermost lines of defence.

Door Locks Add Another Layer

Installing a high quality door lock provides another line of defence against break-in attempts. Multi-point lock systems engaging multiple steel latches along the door’s length resist leverage attacks attempting to force the door from its frame. Pick-resistant lock cylinders and smart locks can also provide complete quality metal door protection.

The Best Door to Prevent Intruders: The Verdict

For reinforced doors facing an attempted break in, steel security models certified to thwart real-world criminal methods offer the greatest peace of mind. When appropriately maintained and paired with complementary security measures like an alarm system and secure locks, steel doors form the innermost lines of defence.

The Bradbury Group Steel Door Advantage

Drawing from years of protection experience spanning the most advanced private and commercial projects, Bradbury Group leads the steel door industry in design innovation and robustness. We offer several premium steel door options delivering excellent security through durability and strength: 

Our M2M2 and M2M4 steel security doors are certified not just for basic burglary resistance, but to the more rigorous LPS 1175 SR2 to SR4 standards. These test a door’s ability to withstand attacks from high impact power tools like rams, sledgehammers, and cutting equipment. 

This advanced certification provides assurance that Bradbury’s doors offer protection against forced entry methods beyond those of an opportunistic burglar.

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