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What Type of Exterior Door is Best for Security?

What Type of Exterior Door is Best for Security?

Protecting your property starts from the outside with a solid, secure exterior door. But with a range of options available, which type of exterior door material provides maximum security? While no door achieves complete burglary resistance, some clear leaders stand above the rest.

Steel Security Doors

For the optimal balance of strength, durability and protective features, choose steel security doors. With rigid steel construction, these doors resist forceful impacts and leverage attacks.

In addition, most provide extra resistance against drills, hammers, and prolonged body slams with a reinforced steel door frame and door locks, including multi-point locking systems and double cylinder locks.

Steel doors certified to security standards like LPS 1175 have undergone professional testing to simulate break-in attempts. These certifications validate that the high-security exterior door withstands a sustained assault across its weakest stress points using common burglary tools.

Fibreglass and Wood/Steel Composite Door

After steel, glass-reinforced plastic doors rank next for door security. With similar durability against blunt forces, drills and cutting implements, fibreglass doors offer comparable protection, lacking only to steel’s preeminent resistance against leverage attacks prying the door from its frame or hinges.

Wooden doors reinforced with integrated steel plates provide a third credible option, leveraging steel strengthening at key potential weak points while maintaining decorative wood finishes on the door facing. They can also feature a solid hardwood internal frame, but solid steel doors outperform composite doors overall in security assessments.

Installation and Maintenance Matter Too

Regardless of exterior door security construction and multi-point locking systems, effective installation by skilled installers remains paramount:

Like any protective system, reasonable maintenance is required as well:

By selecting steel doors and combining them with correct installation and maintenance practices, you gain multiple layers of protection and detection against attacks and will discourage attempts to breach security. 

While it may be difficult to claim any door as completely “burglar proof”, steel doors certified to security standards come closest to bringing property owners guaranteed peace of mind.

The Bradbury Group Steel Door Advantage

At Bradbury Group, we offer fully bespoke steel doors that combine robust burglary resistance with aesthetically pleasing design. Our specialised product range offers security-rated doors engineered to customer specifications: 


The entry-level M2M+24 security steel doorset offers enhanced security performance. It has been tested to ensure it can withstand an attack from any opportunist burglar and comes with the Secured by Design Police Preferred Specification.


M2M2 doorsets are designed to your exact specification, making them a versatile steel door for any project. They are available for despatch in 14 days.


With a high level of protection, our bespoke M2M4 doorset is the optimum solution where extensive security is required. 

Our M2M2 and M2M4 steel security doors are certified not just for basic burglary resistance, but to the more rigorous LPS 1175 SR2 to SR4 standards. This proves their ability to withstand attacks from high impact power tools like rams, sledgehammers, and cutting equipment. 

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