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Liddle Doors Brochure

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A Guide To School Security & Safety

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In order for your staff to do their best work and ensure that your pupils have an enjoyable and rewarding education, you need to ensure your school premises are secure. Of course, most of your buildings will contain pricey but invaluable equipment that’s difficult to replace, so you must ensure everything is secure while your

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CHAS Certificate

CHAS Certificate

Bradbury Group Secured by Design Certificate

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Acoustic Testing

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Acoustic testing is a type of product testing that determines how effective building elements are at controlling unwanted noise. The UK’s Building Regulations 2010 Part E imposes noise control rules on buildings, making acoustic testing vital for choosing the right elements. Acoustic testing of products must be carried out in accordance with BS EN ISO

Security Accreditations

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If you’re looking to invest in security rated doors or grilles for your business premises, it’s important that you’re aware of the relevant industry standards so you may purchase the equipment that best suits your needs. This will ensure you’re not overpaying for an unnecessary level of security, and you will be able to keep

Accreditation Matrix

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We have created an accreditation matrix for all products by the Group. This includes all doors, grilles, and bar sets, to show what accreditations our products are certified to or are available with. We have also included some of the options and features, that we are most commonly questioned about. Click the image below to open

MICO Product Range

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Tindall Engineering is a designer and manufacturer of the UK’s most extensively tested and approved range of high-security locking systems for physical attack, blast, ballistic and fire performance applications. Our M2M2 doors are available with a selection of MICO Elite locks. M2M3 and M2M4 doorsets are available with a wide range of MICO Abryll locks.

Guide to Steel, Certified & Communal Doors

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Bradbury Group offers an extensive range of steel, certified, and communal doors. With such a vast range of doorsets available, with a wide variety of options, doors can be tailored to suit individual requirements. However, the choice can be overwhelming, and if you are unsure of the terms, this can make it difficult to know

Metal Hinged Doorsets O&M Manual

M2MFL Specification

M2M3 Specification

M2M3 Steel Door product specification

M2M3 Declaration of Performance

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M2M3 Declaration of performance

Bradbury Security Colours & Finishes

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M2M2FD, M2M3FD & M2M4FD CERTIFIRE Certificate

CF5107 certifire certificate

M2M3, M2M4 & M2MFL LPS 1175 Certificate

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M2M3 Brochure

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