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Rosie McRobbie achieves International Trade learning accolade

November 29, 2023

Rosie McRobbie achieves International Trade learning accolade

This year, Rosie McRobbie, International Business Development Manager, received a special accolade for the completion of her Level 5 Diploma in International Trade through the Institute of Export.

The degree level course provides in-depth knowledge into the management of international trade projects with a particular emphasis on problem solving.

Exceptional success

Because of her exceptional hard work and commitment, Rosie was recently awarded the prize for Top Mark in Module across the 2022/2023 academic year, and presented with a special award at a dedicated ceremony at Mansion House, London.

“This is a significant achievement for Rosie and is recognition of the efforts she puts into her learning, progression and role at Bradbury Group” says Tom Cornell, CEO. “We are all very proud of her and would like to wish her congratulations again on such a significant accomplishment”.

A focus on international trade

Rosie continues to manage the group’s international projects and was instrumental in the success of the Qatar World Cup Stadium project in 2022.

Through Rosie and the export team, the group provides a number of international services, including support with transportation and shipping, documentation and customs handling across international markets. Find out more here.

About the Institute of Export

The Institute of Export & International Trade was established in 1935 to support UK businesses in growth in international trade. The Institute is the leading association of exporters and importers, of which Rosie and Bradbury Group are a member.

Well done Rosie; a great achievement!


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